John Dunn has two eBook series:
Seven Chapter Bible Overview

Revelation: Transition To A New Era

The "Seven Chapter Bible Overview" eBook series consists of eight short eBooks authored by John Dunn.  The eight eBooks in this series give a framework into which the rest of the Bible can be placed.  These eBooks are very short and lend themselves to one or two half-hour or one-hour discussion sessions.  It may be wise spending twice as long discussing the eBook titled "Role Model" however, because it has more material to ponder.

The first eBook is an introduction.  The other seven eBooks review seven key chapters in the Bible.  The focus of this series of eBooks is on LIFE:
- Life as God designed it in Genesis chapters 1 and 2;
- Life, as intended by God, was rejected by human beings in Genesis chapter 3;
- How life, as God intended, is modeled by Jesus Christ in John chapter 1;
- How people of faith, who listened to the word of God, lived in Hebrews chapter 11; and
- How God will eventually restore life, as God intended, in Revelation chapters 21 and 22.

The Bible is not as complicated as some people think. The objective of this eBook, and this series of eBooks, is to help place the Bible in focus.  Without this focus it is easy to get bogged down when reading the rest of the Bible.  It is much easier to understand the rest of the Bible once you understand the seven chapters of the Bible introduced in this eBook, and covered in this series of eBooks!

All that exits in our universe was created by God.  Humans were created in the image of God.  Does this mean that if we study the development of a baby we can begin to understand how our universe is developing?  The Embryo Theory is introduced as a theory about the development of the universe.  Did God create vegetarians in the beginning?  Study / Discussion Topics are included.

The harmonious life God created is based on obeying The Word of God.  God created us to live in harmony with ALL of creation!  God created us with inquiring minds to study anything and everything he created.  God created us to want to rule and have dominion.  God gave us the responsibility to work in and take care of his creation.  God created us with the desire to be fruitful and increase in number.

Things no longer work as God created them when human beings don't obey God’s Word!   In order to be restored we need to admit our mistake, not blame someone or something else.  Then repent, turn around, and eat from the Tree of Life, follow the model, which God provides for us.  The rest of the Bible, until the last 2 chapters, contains numerous cycles of human disobedience and God’s forgiveness.

God, who created all that exits and lived with human beings in the Garden of Eden, returned to live among us in the form of Jesus Christ!  The world, blinded by disobedience, did not recognize him.  Those who believe him become the children of God.  And become part of The Body of Christ in the world today.  A short summary of the New Testament is included.  Along with Study / Discussion Topics.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command!  Anyone who comes to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.  By faith Noah built, Abraham went, Moses lead, etc.  None of them received what was promised but they looked forward to the city whose architect is God.  We are not what we shall be, but we are on the way.

In the last two chapters of the Bible God assures us we will dwell with him in his dwelling place.  The Tree of Life in the second chapter of the Bible becomes the River of Life in the last chapter in the Bible.  This eBook includes a short summary of the seven chapters of the Bible reviewed in this series of eBooks.  Study / Discussion Topics are included.

Plans for the Holy City in Revelation Chapter 21 of the Bible are outlined.  Technology related to the New Jerusalem is included, such as: building materials, overall dimensions, pearly gates, streets of gold, temple, lighting, etc.  The example of Noah may be repeated; God gave Noah plans for a big boat, but Noah and his sons actually built the boat.  Study / Discussion Topics are included.

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The Revelation: Transition To New Era" series of eBooks consist of eight short eBooks authored by John Dunn.  These eBooks cover the first six chapters of the book of Revelation in the Bible.

In this series of eBooks we look at the book of Revelation, in the Bible, as events happening during the transition to a new era.  Most of these eBooks are very short and lend themselves to one or two half-hour or one-hour discussion sessions.  Some of the longer books in the series, such as "The Apocalypse," may require several half-hour or one-hour discussion sessions.

This first eBook in the "Revelation: Transition To New Era" series is a brief overview of the book of Revelation in the Bible.  "Study / Discussion Topics" are included along with suggestions for using this series of eBooks in group discussions.  In this eBook participants are requested to read other transitions to new eras in the Bible and discuss what it must have been like during those transitions.

This is a short eBook giving an overview of the letters to the seven churches in chapters 2 and 3 of Revelation.  An individual in each church is asked to read aloud to the whole congregation what is said to each of the seven churches.  Even today Christians may appraise themselves by these letters. Let us take notice, repent and change our ways!!  "Study / Discussion Topics" are included. 

The "Good Churches" in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are: (1) Smyrna: The Suffering Church is told, "Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life."  (2) Philadelphia: Praised: for their good deeds; keeping God's Word; and, not denying His name. "I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut."  Thought provoking "Study / Discussion Topics" are included.

"Part Good and Part Bad Churches" in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are: (1) Ephesus: Forsook first love!  (2) Pergamum: Where Satan Has His Throne.  (3) Thyatira: You Tolerate That Woman Jezebel!  The "Study / Discussion Topics" ask thought provoking questions about your life and the churches you attend.  What led churches astray in Revelation and what leads people astray today?

The bad churches in Rev chapter 3 are very similar to many of the active and well-respected churches today!  They may have a reputation for being alive with numerous activities, but are actually spiritually dead.  Some may be rich, have a long "A list" membership, and say they need nothing.  But God says they are pitiful, poor, blind and naked -- spiritually lukewarm; worthless in the eyes of God.

The mystery of the Key of David, in Revelation 3:7, has been hiding in plain sight for several thousand years.  Yet is readily available to those who are eager and willing to see, hear, comprehend and obey the Word of God.  The Philadelphian church in Revelation 3:7-13 is known for their deeds, keeping God's Word and not denying God's Name.  So they are given an open door that no one can shut.

This eBook examines Revelation chapters 4 and 5.  Chapter 4 is the first significant view of Heaven in Revelation and chapter 5 is an introduction to the "Sealed Book."  Key words in these chapters are used to gather insight from the rest of the Bible; to give a better understanding of what these chapters mean to us today and perhaps in the future.  "Study / Discussion Topics" are included.

In this Bible study "God starts to get our attention" through the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (World Power Conqueror, Butcher Monster, Miser King, and King of Contempt).  Then continues with seals of: Persecution, Nuclear War, and Quietness.  Also included are: 144,000 sealed, the symbolic meaning of numbers, and dates significant to Jews and Christians.  "Study/Discussion Topics" are included.


John Dunn is very interested in long term forecasting, prophesy, and Biblical studies.  

Relatively early in life he took a teacher's training course in the Bethel Bible Series.  Later John wrote an extremely limited circulation newsletter titled, "The Association of Christians in Secular Careers."

In 2004 John spent most of the year going through the Bible and writing a brief overview of what he thought were the main concepts presented in each book.  John updated his 2004 writings and published a Revelation: Transition to New Era series of eBooks and a Seven Chapter Bible Overview series of eBooks.

John Dunn can be contacted at: Please place "Revelation" or "7 Chapter" in the subject line (or the email may go in the junk folder!).  Thank you.

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